Free Guide: 20 Veganic Materials for Your Plant-Based Garden
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Get involved

There are many ways that farmers, gardeners, and consumers can get involved to help promote veganic agriculture and expand the veganic movement.

If you are a consumer

As a consumer, there are many ways that you can further the veganic movement. In fact, it is often consumer support that enables small farms to (...)

If you are a grower

Farmers and gardeners are key to the growth of the veganics movement. Whether you already grow veganically, would like to transition, or are (...)

Make a donation

The Veganic Agriculture Network is a young organization with limited resources. We have a small budget to cover website costs, transportation (...)

Join a veganic discussion group

There are many online discussion groups focused on veganic farming and gardening! Here’s info about the Veganic Agriculture Network’s online (...)

Ongoing courses and workshops

Ongoing courses and workshops that teach veganic growing methods.