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In the United Kingdom, veganic farms can become certified through the Stockfree-Organic standards that were developed by the Vegan Organic Network. In North America, there are two different options to become certified using similar standards.

3rd party Stockfree Organic - U.S.

Through their local 3rd party certifier, a veganic farm in Florida has become certified based on the U.K.’s Stockfree-Organic standards. This (...)

Certified Stockfree-Organic - U.K.

Stockfree-Organic is a U.K.-based certification program for veganic farms developed by the Vegan Organic Network, with comprehensive standards to (...)

Certified Veganic - U.S.

Update: Please note that the Certified Veganic program is currently on hold. During its first five years of activity, there were few farms that (...)