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In the United Kingdom, veganic farms can become certified through the Stockfree-Organic standards that were developed by the Vegan Organic Network. In North America, there are two different options to become certified using similar standards.

Certified Stockfree-Organic - U.K.

Sunday 18 May 2008

Stockfree-Organic is a U.K.-based certification program for veganic farms developed by the Vegan Organic Network, with comprehensive standards to ensure animal protection, biodiversity, and environmental stewardship.

Certified Veganic - U.S.

Participatory guarantee system
Sunday 18 May 2008

A new certification program, Certified Veganic, is currently being developed for farmers in North America. It is based on a participatory guarantee system (PGS), which involves the farmers and consumers in the process of developing and administering the certification. Please note that this certification program is temporarily on hold.

3rd party Stockfree Organic - U.S.

Sunday 18 May 2008

Through their local 3rd party certifier, a veganic farm in Florida has become certified based on the U.K.’s Stockfree-Organic standards. This option can be pursued by other veganic farmers in North America.

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