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Approaches to veganic

There are a multitude of ways to put veganic principles into action. Veganic agriculture is not a specific technique, but rather a set of principles that guide the way we farm and garden. Veganic agriculture is fully compatible with existing approaches to ecological agriculture, including forest gardening, permaculture and container gardening. There are also approaches to agriculture that already tend to be veganic or quite close to it, including biointensive, the Ruth Stout technique, and Shumei natural agriculture.

Chipped Branched Wood (CBW)

Chipped Branch Wood is a fertility system using small branches of deciduous trees to bring nutrients to the soil. Byproducts of the forestry (...)


Gardener and researcher John Jeavons asked the question, “What is the optimum way to grow enough food for one person on the smallest amount of (...)

Container gardening how-to

Many people don’t have access to a garden either because they live in an apartment or have contaminated soil. Growing veganic food in a container (...)

Forest Gardening

Forest gardening takes an ecosystem approach to growing food, by integrating fruit and nut trees with shrubs, herbs, roots, vegetables, fungi, (...)


Permaculture is an approach to agriculture that is based on designing gardens, farms and settlements to meet the needs of the earth and humans in (...)

Photojournal of a Ruth Stout garden

Photojournal of a new garden being established using the Ruth Stout technique of permanent hay mulching. This technique eliminates the need for (...)

Self-fertilizing gardens

Self-fertilizing gardens are a way of growing fruits and vegetables through creating diverse ecosystems that rely mainly on natural processes. (...)

The Ruth Stout System of permanent hay mulching

With the Ruth Stout technique, gardens are established and maintained using a thick layer of hay mulch. This eliminates the need for digging, (...)

The knowledge of Manfred Wenz

Manfred Wenz has successfully developed no-till techniques for direct seeding of commercial grain crops, all while building up the vitality and (...)