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Gardening how-to

Interested in starting a veganic garden? You’re in the right place! Whether you have a backyard, community garden, balcony, or rooftop, you can learn the basics of plant-based growing and try simple do-it-yourself projects from our how-to guides below.

To dive even deeper into veganic gardening, take a look at the Learn Veganic online course.

Veganic fertility: Growing plants from plants

How to keep your garden fertile, care for the soil, revalue local sources of fertility, and find veganic products if (...)

Different ways to garden veganically

There is no single way to "do" veganic gardening. This article presents some of the key approaches that work well for a home-scale veganic (...)

Gardening for biodiversity

Natural ecosystems have a wide diversity of plants, animals, and soil organisms, and ideally so should our gardens. Gardening is a way that we (...)

Preparing the ground: No-till, till and raised beds

There is more than one way to prepare the ground for planting. In no-till, organic matter is built up on top of the lawn without damaging the (...)

Tips for starting a new garden

This article gives some general tips about starting a new garden for beginners.