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Join a veganic discussion group

There are many online discussion groups focused on veganic farming and gardening!

Here’s info about the Veganic Agriculture Network’s online discussion forum, as well as several Facebook groups about veganics.

The Veganic Agriculture Network’s discussion forum

We created an online veganic forum to facilitate conversations between people who have an interest in veganic farming and gardening, primarily in North America.

This forum can be used to connect with other growers, seek advice from farmers and gardeners, gain knowledge when transitioning to veganic, ask questions of each other, and share information and events about veganics.

Click here to learn how to join

Note: we created this "MyBB" discussion forum in December 2020. It replaces the Yahoo! email group that we ran from 2008 to 2020 (as Yahoo! closed all email groups in 2020). We created this new forum outside of Facebook at the request of our previous email group participants.

 To join, click here.

 Accept the registration agreement, create a new username and password, and enter the email that you’d like your account to be associated with.

 Choose your settings. We suggest keeping "Receive emails from the administrators" checked, as we may occasionally email info about events or important news. We recommend keeping the "Default thread subscription mode" as "Instant email notification", which means you’ll receive email notifications *if* you later decide to subscribe to certain topics in the forum. You’ll always have the option of changing your settings later in the forum.

 After clicking "Submit registration", you’ll receive an email, and you’ll need to click on the link in the email to finalize your registration.

 Once you’re in the forum, we recommend posting something! Introduce yourself, ask a question, answer one, share a resource... the forum will only be as active as everyone makes it.

 If you do not receive a confirmation email, your attempt to join the group was not successful. This occasionally happens, because certain email providers block the messages. If you encounter this problem, please contact us, and we will try to find solutions.

Veganic discussion groups on Facebook

There are quite a number of veganic groups on Facebook! Here are most of them:

Focus on farming
Veganic Farmers
Veganic Farmer Community Page

Mix of farming and gardening
Vegan Organic Network (largest group)
Regenerative Vegan
Agricultural Campus Plant-Based Society
Plant Based Homesteaders and Hobby Farmers

Focus on gardening
Veganic Garden Growers
Vegan Gardening
Vegan Gardening and Self-Sufficiency
Garden of Vegan
Veganic Gardening - Worldwide

Focus on permaculture and forest gardening
Vegan Permaculture
Vegan Permaculture Preppers
Vegan Forest Gardening

Regional focus
Agriculture végétalienne au Québec (French)
Veganic Growers South Africa

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