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Here’s a quick look at the Veganic Agriculture Network over the years:

2004 – Veganic enthusiast Stéphane Groleau visited plant-based farms in the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and France to learn more about the veganic agriculture movement in Europe. During this time, he became involved with the U.K.-based organization, the Vegan Organic Network, which actively promotes plant-based agriculture.

2008 – Stéphane Groleau and Meghan Kelly founded the Veganic Agriculture Network and launched the website to increase the visibility of plant-based agriculture in North America.

2009-2012 – Stéphane and Meghan visited veganic farms and interviewed veganic farmers across North America. They did talks about veganic growing at events in the U.S. and Canada, and continued to develop educational resources on

2013 – Stéphane translated the book Permaculture: A Beginner’s Guide by veganic permaculturist Graham Burnett. The French version, La permaculture - Une brève introduction, was published in Quebec.

2014-2020 – Stéphane and Meghan continued offering talks about veganic growing at conferences in Canada and kept actively experimenting with plant-based gardening techniques.

2021 – Meghan and Stéphane launched a complementary project, Learn Veganic, where participants learn veganic gardening techniques via online courses.

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