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Transitioning to Veganic Agriculture - January 29

On Saturday, January 29, join us for a panel discussion on Transitioning to Veganic Farming!

The panel will feature discussions with three farmers who initially farmed organically, and then transitioned to veganic farming:

🌱 Helen Atthowe - a pioneering veganic farmer at Woodleaf Farm in Oregon

🌱 Jimmy Videle - a veganic market gardener and seed producer at La Ferme de l’Aube in Quebec

🌱 Mark Gillen - a veganic garlic grower and market gardener at Hygieia Homestead in Michigan

and will be moderated by Meghan Kelly, an avid gardener who co-founded the Veganic Agriculture Network and Learn Veganic.

Come and hear about the benefits of veganic farming, the motivations of the panelists in transitioning to veganic agriculture and their experiences of doing so, and what can be done to support this extremely environmentally friendly form of farming!

This event is organized by Nation Rising, an advocacy group in Canada that lobbies to shift subsidies away from animal agriculture and towards the creation of a plant-based food system.

Streaming on:

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3 PM Eastern
2 PM Central
1 PM Mountain
Noon Pacific

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