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Flyer for distribution - Are your vegetables Veganic?

This flyer introduces people to the concept of veganics, and to the Veganic Agriculture Network. We encourage people to print this flyer and distribute it amongst friends, or at groups and events where people have a special interest in farming and gardening, vegetarianism, and sustainable agriculture.

Are your vegetables Veganic?
This flyer introduces people to the concept of veganics, and to the Veganic Agriculture Network.

This flyer is largely aimed at a vegetarian audience, although there are many other reasons why people choose veganic agriculture. In the future, we intend to create more flyers and information sheets that touch on different issues.

This flyer is intended to be two-sided, to print two flyers on one piece of paper. By feeding the same paper through twice, it can be successfully printed using a standard printer. Simply click the above icon to access the PDF file for printing.

Flyer text - Side One:

Are your vegetables Veganic?

What does that mean, Veganic?

And how could a vegetable NOT qualify?

Veganic describes an approach to agriculture that breaks the link between livestock operations and organic fruit and vegetable production. Certified Organic farms commonly use factory farmed animal wastes as a major source of nutrients. Blood, bones, feathers, and feces of intensively confined animals are purchased as organic fertilizers, bringing profits to factory farms and the slaughterhouse industry. Is the organic fertilizer for your carrots subsidizing factory farms?

Veganic agriculture seeks to demonstrate a more sustainable way to grow food, with reduced dependence on fossil fuels. Going well beyond organic standards, veganic farmers grow their food without pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or the waste products of animals.

Instead, fertility is maintained with plant-based techniques, such as vegetable composts, green manures, mulches, chipped branched wood, and crop rotation. Veganic farmers nourish the soil life, encourage biodiversity, and are dedicated to the care of the wild ecology that surrounds and makes up their farmland.

To learn more about transitioning your farm or garden to veganic, or to find veganic producers in your area, visit

Flyer text - Side Two:

The Veganic Agriculture Network

Promoting plant-based farming and gardening throughout North America

The Veganic Agriculture Network is a new movement in North America to encourage the production of organic fruits, vegetables, legumes, and cereals without the use of animal products.

In Europe, plant-based farming has gained recognition through the efforts of the U.K.-based Vegan Organic Network ( Founded in 1996, they publish the magazine Growing Green International, and offer Stock-Free Organic certification for plant-based farms.

Responding to a need for more information and education about veganics in North America, the Veganic Agriculture Network formed in 2008. VAN aims to increase awareness about plant-based agriculture, to help farmers transition to veganic, to create a network that allows farmers and gardeners to share knowledge, and to publicize options for veganic certification in North America.

Visit our website or contact us at info (at) goveganic (dot) net

We also have a discussion group on veganic agriculture. Contact us for details.

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